Dionysis Tsipiras Photography Studio

The journey has been wonderful ,it is wonderful when you do what you were born to do .My first encounter with photography was in primary school in

Sydney Australia were I took photography as a selective course. At the age of 12 I was processing my own film and printing to the amazement of my

teacher ,from then on the journey began .I wanted to become a photographer After finishing highschool I studied photography and I have a bachelors

degrees from Middlesex University . For over 15 Years I have been a professional photographer seeking light understanding emotions trying to see what

is not visible and listening to the elements .This gift has helped me understand people without asking too many questions.

Our work has been featured on several websites and in numerous national and international magazines.

About Us


Wedding photography is a type of event photography that focuses on capturing images of a couple's wedding day. The goal of wedding photography is to document the events and emotions of the day, including the ceremony, reception, and various candid moments. Wedding photographers typically work with the couple to create a timeline of the day's events and to identify key moments and people they want to capture. They use a variety of techniques, including traditional portraiture, photojournalism, and creative lighting, to create a visual story of the couple's special day. Wedding photographs are often used to remember the day and to share with family and friends, and they can range from candid, spontaneous images to carefully posed and lit formal portraits.